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One of the easiest things you can do to minimise the stress of moving is to begin your decluttering and preparation as early as possible. Remember to be ruthless by asking yourself if you want the items in your new home. Offer family memories to family. Plan a garage sale and make yourself some extra […]

Hassle Free

Australian Mobile Storage (AMS) can assist you as much or as little as you want with your moving and or storage needs.  A fabulously cheap option for storing and moving your possessions. Save money, time, energy and stress. Whether you’re a busy business couple, a single lady on your own, or simply don’t want to […]

Move yourself and save money

A fantastic way to save is to move yourself and to do this successfully, stress less and not wear yourself out is to pack and unpack once only. Don’t waste your hard-earned dollars and valuable time packing, transferring to a storage facility and unpacking your goods then repacking, transporting & unpacking at your new home. […]

Insurance – Is it worthwhile?

Insurance is always dilema for anyone. We need Insurance for our houses, contents, cars, life, health, income protection, boat, bike, caravan and a host of other things we collect when we proceed through the life experiences. How much do I need? What will it cover? What will it not cover? Will it give me peace […]

Why choose Mobile Storage vs Self Storage?

When looking for Self Storage Brisbane think outside the square and get a self storage quote using affordable mobile storage at Australian Mobile Storage (AMS). Instead of the traditional style of self storage units, at say Kennard’s, Fort Knox or National Storage, AMS makes storage in Brisbane “easy self storage” because we deliver portable storage […]

Why do storage companies always want to be the cheapest?

I am constantly amazed at how many businesses always want to be “the cheapest”, want to beat any price, and even have it in their name like “supercheap”. What are they hiding? Poor service, poor storage containers, poor delivery service, lots of add-ons that they don’t tell you about, hidden costs, poor marketing – giving […]

How big are the Modules?

We do receive queries from customers about what size the modules are and how much can be fitted into each one because they are comparing self-storage units and large containers to our self storage system. Our experienced team will assist you with estimating the number of modules you need.  Each AMS storage module is large enough […]

Is Mobile Storage good value?

For residents of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, finding a good storage solution at good value can be daunting.  Australian Mobile Storage modules offer you greater benefits than buying a bigger house or putting your goods in a self storage facility. You’ll find that they are convenient and very affordable and do not come with […]

Welcome to my Blog!

This is my first blog post on Mobile Storage. I have never blogged, so it is new and it may be a learning experience and an evolution as we go.I have been in Self Storage for some 25 years now and am constantly learning to keep up with the new media that seems to constantly […]

Will my furniture fit into a mobile storage module?

Yes. Our experienced team members will assist you with estimating the number of modules you need. Each AMS storage module is large enough to fit white goods, lounges, beds, wall units and other household items up to 2 rooms of furniture per module. We are happy to deliver an extra module beyond your estimated needs […]

Do you need space for valued items while going on an extended holiday?

“I just wanted to thank you both for an amazing experience with your company. You both made the process very easy and it could not have gone any smoother. The entire process from the first phone call to get a quote all the way through to the truck leaving our place this afternoon was flawless.”

Terri Whyatt