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Hassle Free

Australian Mobile Storage (AMS) can assist you as much or as little as you want with your moving and or storage needs.  A fabulously cheap option for storing and moving your possessions. Save money, time, energy and stress. Whether you’re a busy business couple, a single lady on your own, or simply don’t want to do the hard work, AMS can arrange for packers to  carefully put all of your possessions into cartons and then pack the cartons into the AMS containers, store the containers until you are ready to move in and then unpack for you. How easy could it be!

AMS can arrange insurance of your possessions and can even recommend people to do your packing and unpacking for you – how easy is that!  Sit back and give the directions.


Planning to sell and need to declutter and re-style for the sale, then store your possessions and valuable pieces safely away in your AMS modules / pods (mobile storage containers) while you’re having open houses and inspections then add the rest of your possessions for the move.


Moving overseas or interstate for work. Store your extra furniture and possessions safely in your modules or pods (mobile storage containers) until your return.


Renovating and need to make space for painters, tilers etc. Pack everything you don’t need safely away in you’re an AMS modules or pods (mobile storage containers) for a few weeks or months while the dusty renovations are carried out then unpack at your leisure into your newly renovated home.