How big are the Modules?

We do receive queries from customers about what size the modules are and how much can be fitted into each one because they are comparing self-storage units and large containers to our self storage system.

Our experienced team will assist you with estimating the number of modules you need.  Each AMS storage module is large enough to fit white goods, lounges, beds, wall units and other household items up to 2 rooms of furniture per module.  If you are unsure an extra module is usually delivered beyond your estimated self-storage needs but you only pay for it if you use it.

The size of the units is 2.3 m long x 1.5 m wide x 2 m high internally. This is 7 cubic metres in volume of USEABLE space. Australian Mobile Storage in Brisbane only quotes the internal measurements as that is the space available to store your furniture and belongings, while some competitors use external measurements which is misleading to a customer.

Interestingly, large interstate and overseas removal companies who hold clients goods for short or long term actually repack their clients goods from their truck into exactly this size module.  Long term, they have proven that a 7 cubic metre size module is ideal to prevent damage to goods and to be able to stack in their warehouses. So the scalability and flexibility of this self storage system is great for all concerned.

You have the option to pack the module/s yourself or use a professional removalist.  If you utilize professionals to pack your storage modules they have the experience to pack it tightly and securely so that no damage will occur during the move. Some removalists will offer a ‘no damage guarantee’ if they pack your pods. To do so they will use removalist blankets around most furniture items. This doesn’t mean you are required to use professionals. Just take a leaf from their book and don’t squib on using packing blankets as they will protect your furniture items from rubbing together and damaging.

You can also sort modules into rooms so that, if you only want to have the goods from a couple of rooms redelivered, then you could ask for just the relevant module/s.

The great testimonies and compliments we receive from happy customers is testament to the extra effort we go to.