Insurance – Is it worthwhile?

Insurance is always dilema for anyone. We need Insurance for our houses, contents, cars, life, health, income protection, boat, bike, caravan and a host of other things we collect when we proceed through the life experiences.

How much do I need? What will it cover? What will it not cover? Will it give me peace of mind?

A common motto that has been used in storage is , “if it’s worth storing it is worth insuring.”

The biggest problem I have come across with Insurance is the thought, “have I renewed?? and now not covered?

In todays digital age there is no reason why we will not be able to keep up with these renewals. Calenders that give you a reminder at the beginning of the day, automatic debit facilities and the provider electronically giving you reminders by emails.  With Australian Mobile Storage we take pride in our managment systems that send reminders in plenty of time or we just set up automatic monthly debits from your credit card together when your rental is due.

So as for the question, is it worthwhile? That we believe is a final question our customers have to make themselves but with our evidence showing that most of our customers take out insurance we feel it must be.