Insurance of goods in storage

Customers ask whether they need to insure their furniture while it is in the Australian Mobile Self Storage Brisbane facility.

We do provide our customers with a secure, modern, well insulated, well ventilated and pest controlled facility in which we store their self storage modules – an optimum storage environment. Our clients always hold their own keys to padlocks on their storage pods as one measure of security and AMS provides transit cover for while we taxibox the boxes, that is, as they are being transported on our truck at no additional cost to clients.

However we cannot control forces of nature or unforeseen events, so we will always advise that clients do take out Self Storage Insurance cover as it provides peace of mind when you are not in physical possession or control of your furniture and goods stored in your self storage containers.

AMS offers insurance cover for while the goods are being stored at very affordable rates. Commercial storage clients usually have their own insurance cover, but residential clients have the option of utilizing cover through Australian Mobile Storage.  Simply ask for a quote.