Is Mobile Storage good value?

For residents of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, finding a good storage solution at good value can be daunting.  Australian Mobile Storage modules offer you greater benefits than buying a bigger house or putting your goods in a self storage facility. You’ll find that they are convenient and very affordable and do not come with the stressful problems that can be experienced using other solutions.

If you are moving to a new home, then mobile storage is an ideal solution to your needs. Australian Mobile Storage delivers mobile storage containers to your door in the Brisbane and near South East areas allowing you to scale up the number of modules suitable to your needs (by cubic measurements), and then redeliver modules right to your new home.

Once the modules are onsite, you simply pack your belongings and furniture, and then call AMS to move them to storage or your new location. It’s the simplest possible way to move without the extra cost of renting a moving truck, ute or van or hiring a moving company. If you don’t want to do the heavy lifting we can arrange for professional removalists to arrive and help you pack and/or load.

Often, you might need to move some possessions out of the way for a short period. You’ll find that mobile storage containers, boxes or modules (whatever you want to call them) are the ideal solution when you need temporary storage. You might like them on your site short term or place them in our secure, well ventilated and pest controlled storage warehouse until you need them back.

Rather than buying a storage building or renting a storage unit, mobile storage containers in Brisbane are comparative to self storage facilities in costs but, when the hidden costs are considered, they are great value.

Australian Mobile Storage modules are perfect for any number of different needs.