Move yourself and save money

A fantastic way to save is to move yourself and to do this successfully, stress less and not wear yourself out is to pack and unpack once only.

Don’t waste your hard-earned dollars and valuable time packing, transferring to a storage facility and unpacking your goods then repacking, transporting & unpacking at your new home.

Australian Mobile Storage (AMS) enables you to move in an easy and cost-effective way entirely at your own convenience, keeping all your worldly possessions safely in your own hands and saving yourself money.

Using AMS minimises the stress of moving – maybe take a holiday while your valuable possessions are stored and your new home is ready for you to move in to.

You get to choose the date your modules or pods (mobile storage containers) are delivered to your move-out address allowing you as many hours, days or weeks as you need to pack. The modules are then taken away and stored until you are ready for them be to delivered to your new home for unpacking – again take as long as you need to unpack.

AMS can arrange insurance of your possessions and can even recommend people to do your packing and unpacking for you – how easy is that!  Sit back and give the directions.