Welcome to my Blog!

This is my first blog post on Mobile Storage. I have never blogged, so it is new and it may be a learning experience and an evolution as we go.I have been in Self Storage for some 25 years now and am constantly learning to keep up with the new media that seems to constantly be changing.

I have for a long time been told that Blogs are important in getting your message across so I will be blogging now for the next few months on Mobile Self Storage.

I want all potential storers to understand what Mobile Self Storage is all about and how it can be easier and cost effective for them as compared to the traditional self storage facility that is found in most suburban locations of Brisbane and other Australian Capital Cities

You see the difference is we at Australian Mobile Storage take the storage space to the customer. For a long time in storage I have thought that there has to be an easier way to store stuff than the multiple handling event that most storers have used or know about.

So here it is. Why not just handle your goods twice in the whole process? Once into the storage space and then once when you take it out and through your door into your new place.

This could not be easier.