Why do storage companies always want to be the cheapest?

I am constantly amazed at how many businesses always want to be “the cheapest”, want to beat any price, and even have it in their name like “supercheap”.

What are they hiding? Poor service, poor storage containers, poor delivery service, lots of add-ons that they don’t tell you about, hidden costs, poor marketing – giving clients a perceived under valuing of their product and customers?

This is a common factor in retail and services in general, not just in self storage or mobile self storage.

Australian Mobile Storage prides itself on providing the service that you deserve from the moment you ring Dennis till we take the storage modules away after you have unloaded your goods at your new house or office.

We provide great storage modules that allow your furniture to be in the best condition after storing in our secure warehouse. They are timber pods that will breathe, and have a vinyl cover placed on them for protection while they are at your property for loading and being delivered.

We tell you what to expect and when to expect it. We do our best to accommodate the storage time frame that suits you …. not just what suits us.

The AMS team aspires to maintain our exceptional, professional, friendly service and to continue improving our innovative, value for money options to clients. Our aim is to exceed expectations of every client, every day.

We give you value for your storage dollars and keep costs to a minimum, not necessarily being the cheapest, because we are here for the long term. We have to be competitive in the storage industry but we will not be the ‘cheapest at any cost’. You, the customer, deserve better.